SIZ Macedonia soobrakjaj – AMERIT since its foundation in 1953 has continuously developed its operations, both by number of employees and in terms of revenues, building positive opinion and trust among members and clients. As an Association formed for the articulation, achievement and promotion of the common goals of the members, AMERIT constantly strives to improve the conditions of the transporters. The achieved decade results are a huge investment that we should  upgrade it together in the future.

I have the honor to be elected as a Secretary General  of SIZ Macedonia soobrakjaj – AMERIT in the year that marks the 65th anniversary of its foundation. It is a great challenge for me to continue to lead our oldest transport association towards the successful road,  together with the combined forces with the excellent team of employees, but also with the members. I want to emphasize that  I have a huge responsibility to continue the success of AMERIT. Together with our employees, we will continue to work in the direction of improving the conditions of goods and passenger transport in the Republic of Macedonia, bringing the transport industry closer to the European and world market.

Our motto remains “Wherever you are”.


Lefter Lessi Andonov

Secretary General