TIR Electronic Pre-Declaration or TIR-EPD allows transport operators to send advance information on goods transported under TIR procedure to customs authorities in every country along the TIR journey in one go. TIR-EPD is a free-of-charge web-based app available in 18 languages and in 32 countries.

Equally important for both customs authorities and transport operators, TIR-EPD helps customs perform advance risk assessments and reduce fraud, and transport operators to be more efficient.

Electronic Pre-Declaration is mandatory for the European Union, the Eurasian Customs Union, Iran, and Ukraine. In many other countries, submission of EPD is also recommended as it allows to facilitate border crossing.


 TIR-EPD Green Lanes

Today’s unacceptably long border waiting times that range from many hours to several days entail additional transport time and costs, negatively impacting trade. The IRU, with its Members, provides an effective and simple solution for all customs authorities: the new IRU TIR Electronic Pre-Declaration (TIR-EPD) Green Lanes. TIR-EPD Green Lanes are dedicated lanes on both sides of a border crossing point. The transmission of electronic pre-declarations allows customs authorities to assess risks and determine in advance which truck should be subject to a specific control. TIR trucks permitted by customs to use TIR-EPD Green Lanes will only be subject to the scanning and stamping of their TIR Carnet, thus enjoying very speedy customs control allowing for a massive reduction of border waiting times and transport costs.

Benefit of TIR-EPD

  • For Customs:

-To facilitate and secure trade.

– Provides advanced risk analysis.

– Speed up border crossing procedures.

– No manual data entry.

– Provides revenue estimates.

-Safe data transfer.

– Allows compliance with the requirements of the Harmonized Transit System Convention.

  • For Holders:

-Access to the Internet application of all customs duties without broker fees.

– Multi-language concept “One-stop system” for sending EPD simultaneously to all relevant   customs.

– Facilitates border crossing procedures.