Simple procedure, increased profit

Each of the transport companies registered as a taxpayer may exercise the right to VAT return for certain products and services purchased abroad. SIZ Makedonija Soobrakaj – AMERIT is your professional partner to help you exercise the right to VAT return in the right place – to your account. We cooperate with domestic and foreign companies. We are at your disposal for any of the issues related to VAT return.

We offer quality service:

– VAT receipts from all European countries where there are such conditions
– VAT return for foreign companies in Macedonia
– Following of VAT regulation
– Minimum administrative procedure – Fastest possible procedure

VAT percentage in various countries and minimum amounts necessary to apply for VAT return at quarterly and annual levels:

 Country VAT rate Quarterly  Currency Annually Currency
Austria 20% 400 50
Belgium 21% 400 50
Bulgaria 20% 400 BGN 50 BGN
England 20% 130 GPB 16 GPB
Denmark 25% 3.000 DKK 400 DKK
Ireland 23% 400 50
Luxemburg 15% / 250
Norway 25% 2.000 NOK 200 NOK
Poland 23% 1.600/400 PLN/€ 200/50 PLN/€
Slovenia 22% 400 (6 months) 50
Finland 24 % 400 50
France 20% 400 50
Holland 21 % 400 50
Sweden 25% 4.000 SEK 500 SEK
Serbia 20% / / 200


VAT Return Registration
-No worries about formalities just register and save money

SIZ Makedonija Soobrakaj AMERIT facilitates:
– VAT returns registration in all countries we make refund from
– Preparing of the entire documentation
– Contacts with foreign tax authorities
– Timely delivery of bills/invoices from foreign authorities
– Timely VAT disbursement

Documentation delivery periods

If the minimum VAT return amounts have been met, your invoices may be processed on quarterly level. Invoices of each fiscal quarter are to be submitted not later than 15 days as of the end of each quarter.

Quarter: Quarter end: Deadline for submitting invoices:
1 31 March 15 April
2 30 June 15 July
3 30 September 15 October
4 31 December 15 January

Any of delayed invoices for a relevant quarter will be processed as part of your annual claims. Each of the year-end invoices are to be delivered not later than March 31.

The bills/invoices should include the following data:
– Issue date (date of invoice)
– Invoice date
– Supplier or company name, seat and VAT identification number – Goods or service name and quantity
– Client’s company data
– Explicitly expressed VAT and VAT rate, net amount and gross amount in the bill/invoice

VAT return unit abroad
Tel.: + 389(2) 3298967 extension 108