Within its operation, the Association of Macedonian Enterprises for International Road Transport “Makedonija soobrakaj” AMERIT – Skopje performs numerous activities of interest to its membership. Our major activities are the following:
– Presentation to and notification of state competent authorities and organizations on the concerns of special importance for public road traffic in the country;
– Communication and cooperation with competent authorities and organizations in R. Macedonia and abroad for the purpose of resolution of possible actual issues;
– Continuous engagement with Macedonian competent authorities for provision of assistance in case of concluding numerous bilateral agreements in the area of transport in the adjoining countries and other European countries;
– Cooperation with public road transport associations from other countries.

In the area of passenger transport we provide the following services to our membership:
– provision of necessary forms, transport and other documents required for international and national passenger transport;
– handling professional matters related to adjustment and registration of timetable in line passenger transport:
– provision of joint timetable of bus lines.

In the area of transport of goods we provide the following services:


– provision of necessary forms, transport and other documents (TIR Carnets and etc.) to our membership required for international and national transport of goods;
– notification on each regulations and amendments in the international road transport;

As a member of the International Road Transport Union IRU from Geneva, AMERIT is a guarantor association for international transport of goods by the TIR system, which ensures fast transport of goods without inspection and control of the trucks by customs authorities;
– tracing, organization and realization of mass and individual international and national transport of good;
– drafting agreements and acts in the area of international and national transport of goods.

Training Center also functions within the Association that delivers many types of professional training as follows: training for obtaining a certificate of professional competence in road transport operation management, training for obtaining a certificate for participation of drivers in the international road transport as well as organization of lecturing and exams for ARD certificates both for drivers and advisors. Since May 2011, the Training Center has become IRU Accredited Center (ATI – Accredited Training Institute) for administering training on the use of digital tachographs.
In addition to those activities in the area of passenger and freight road transport, the Association performs other activities such as international VAT refund, tracking national and international regulations and standards, development of special analyses and expert studies related to current operations and development and etc.
SIZ Makedonija soobrakaj AMERIT also obtained public authorization for issue of digital tachographs memory cards.